• Friday, 2 June 2017: 31st Dutch Acro Convention

    We are happy to announce that the 31st Dutch Acro Convention will be held in Groningen.

    Registration is open!

    Nederlandse versie * English version below *

    Beste acrobaten,
    Hierbij de lang verwachte aankondiging van de 31e editie van het NEDERLANDS ACROBATIEKFESTIVAL!
    Het festival is van 2 t/m 5 juni 2017 (Pinksterweekend) in Groningen.

    Het wordt een prachtig festival, met veel acrobatiek, spectaculaire optredens, lekker eten en gezellig bijpraten.
    De inschrijving is geopend!

    Het festival vindt plaats in Groningen, in sportcentrum Kardinge. De kampeervelden zijn dicht bij de sportgebouwen.

    Er zijn 10 rondes met elk ten minste 12 workshops.
    Om een mooi, gevarieerd, workshoprooster te kunnen samenstellen, vragen we de deelnemers om een workshop te geven, acrobatiek of aanverwant, op welk niveau ook. Dit is natuurlijk geen verplichting, maar wordt enorm gewaardeerd.
    Meld je op de website aan om een workshop te geven.
    Het hele festival, inclusief de works...

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  • Monday, 5 June 2017: Dutch Acro 2017 Post Convention

    Dutch Acro 2017 Post Convention
    June 5th – June 10th at Circus Studio Rotterdam

    Directly after the Dutch Acro Convention 2017 we will offer an intensive week of partner acrobatics, with workshops from internationally well known teachers: Fons (Bennink), Wybren (Wouda) & Paul (Griffioen). There will be daily handstand classes plus 6 different workshops per day. In the morning the workshops will focus on developing skills by offering drills and principles; in the afternoon the workshops will be more playful and focused on tricks and variations. Subject of the workshops will be set considering the participant´s wishes. Besides the workshops there´s always place for free training. We have a maximum capacity of 40 participants.

    The Post Convention will take place in the recently opened Circus Studio Rotterdam, where we will have multiple longes, enough mats, place to sleep and sit together, showers and a kitchen. The studio is in the center of Rotterdam, 10 minutes walk ...

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  • Saturday, 24 June 2017: 10. međunarodna akrobatska konvencija, Skradin 2017.

    10. Međunarodna akrobatska konvencija održat će se ove godine u Hrvatskoj, u gradu Skradinu, od 24.6.-1.7.2017.

    Za vas dovodimo najbolje europske i svjetske akrobatske pedagoge u disciplinama kao što su akrobalans, akroyoga, stojevima i slično. Kroz svijet začudnih figura i vrhunskih akrobatskih izazova vodit će nas:

    Fons Bennink(NL) akrobat od glave do pete, ili kako bi mi po balkanski rekli, bata akrobata
    Laura Manninen & Antti Leionen(FI)
    Noël Spauwen(NL) autor knjige: Acrobatic elements and connections
    Millette Nunez (USA)
    Simon Biglmayr (DE)
    Caitlin and Dane iz Duo Die Acrobatics(Australija)
    Hugo Hanssen(NL) suorgaizator i urednik ithe acrocalendar
    i mnoge druge radionice za sve stupnjeve vaše akrobatske spremnosti
    Konvencija nudi hostelski smještaj i hranu za sve dane, poseban izlet u NP Krka uz treniranje ispod slapova, te veliki završni Gala show.

    Glavne radionice održavat će se u odlično opremljenom prostoru Scaradona parka u Skradinu.

    Ovaj susr...

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  • Tuesday, 4 July 2017: 14th acro-building holidays

    ACROFALVA! Low cost (100 euro!) very special holidays: = half building house and half acro-courses of a very experienced teacher. You can get a good impression of the 2016 edition on facebook: (donot forget to watch the pictures) and
    more info and pictures will follow here and in:

    Noël Spauwen

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  • Thursday, 6 July 2017: French Acrobatics Convention 2017

    Yes, 2017 edition will be at the same dates as the 2016 edition, just one year later! ;-)

    It is very probable that the event will get full very soon after the registration is open. So please make sure that you are on our mailing list by doublechecking with

    We are looking forward to do this again!
    Alice, Jenny & Liza

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  • Saturday, 22 July 2017: ACRO-Convention, netherlands

    A full week of acrobatics. Training with the best teachers, eating well and sleeping indoors. In a well equiped gym, Sauna and other luxuries.
    -please share-

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  • Saturday, 5 August 2017: First Hungarian acrobatic convention

    A week full of acro in the beautiful hillside near the Bükk mountains. With Hugo and Noël as teachers.

    Prerequisites: none
    In the workshops we will address a variety of acrobatic disciplines and techniques including building and pitching, handstands, flows and sequences, lifts and balances, Icarian and trio tricks and washing machines.
    The workshops will be customized to the level of experience of the participants. So you can join, whatever your skills are.

    Our convention will have (at least) 17 workshops and there is always a free training floor.

    We will train outside in the garden and in case of rain we have a room inside just a hundred meters away.
    There will be a longe outside on the training ground.

    Wednesday is a day for other leisure; You can go for a walk in the beautiful environment or take a bike (there are bikes at the venue) up the Bükk mountains. Or you can go to Silvasvárad for the Lippizaner horses, or to Eger for the fortress and the thermal bath, or ...

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  • Friday, 18 August 2017: British Acro Festival 2017

    British Acro Festival is BACK!


    There is a separate registration form for people under 18 here -

    This year, we've hired an enormous sports hall in Cambridge for 3 full days.

    There'll be workshops from all levels of standing acro to popping to washing machines and beyond. The space is MASSIVE and will easily be big enough to have 4 consecutive workshops, and plenty of jam space besides.

    Last year, the skill and dedication of the teachers and students was beyond incredible, and the atmosphere was fantastic. So, we're doing it again ^_^

    Details of teachers and workshops will be released as they're confirmed. If you've got any requests or would like to teach, get in touch!

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