Carry down

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer:
Position of the base:

The flyer is standing on the shoulders of the base.

The grab each other in finger-wrist-grip. The flyer puts its hands behind its bum and brings simultaneous one leg in front and its torso behind. The weight of the flyer stays straight above the shoulders of the base.

It is important that the flyer cannot give any weight on the arms of the base before the hands are in the appropriate position. The base helps placing his hand and tries to keep its arms stretched.

As a flyer you should not stretch your arms - then you would push yourself backwards. Lie down on your own hands, relax your arms, your point of gravity is at the bottom of your back, just above your bottom.

When the hands are in position, the flyer brings its torso further behind and also brings its second leg in front, putting all weight of the flyer on the hands of the base. The flyer remains in plank, eg. straight.

The base now slowly carries he flyer to the ground. When putting down, the base points his hands a bit which prevents the flyer to fall behind.


Behind the flyer.

Carry down Carry down Carry down
Carry down Carry down

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