Loong sequence by Det & Flip

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer: , , , ,
Position of the base: , ,
Gymnastic position:

Part 1:

  • Walk in towards...
  • Bobsleigh
  • shoulderstand (loose)
  • backwards flyer
  • Trapdoor (Valluik)
  • Backwards flyer on hands
  • Sidewards backflyer on feet
  • secretary-seat on one leg
  • counter standing  in the hands
  • counter secretary-seat
  • with half turn standing up to standing in one hand
  • standing in (two) hands
  • loose roll towards shoulderstand feet
  • Washing machine roll towards 'Maria on feet'
  • flyer roles in to headstand in the hands of the base
  • backwards flyer on the feet

Part 2:

  • backwards flyer on the feet
  • change towards backwards flyer on hands
  • by way of "counter frog" to reverse chair
  • flag on one (left) leg
  • flyer goes to standing on the shoulders
  • Base holds the knees of the flyer, keeps the elbows small, flyer squats and hold the elbows of the base. Base now squats
  • Flyer goes to handstand on knees by placing the hands on the knees of the base, and standing up a little. The base slowly rises, which enables the flyer to reach the handstand
  • roll the handstand to an Arabesque
  • reverse chair → free standing on knees
  • Base sits, lies - while balancing the flyer on the knees, and changes the hands to give pressure under the forefeet of the flyer. While lying down, lifts the knees and hold the flyer in standing in hands
  • Flyer stands in hands, grabs with straight legs the own ankles and roles to straddle on feet (base places the feet in the hips)
  • helicopter (turning a free arm stand with straddled legs 180°)
  • Counter straddle on the legs (folded leaf)

Part 3 (Not on film)

  • (flyer)
  • folded leaf
  • hands on hands; towards counter-shoulderstand on feet
  • feet of the base go a bit towards the lower back enabling the flyer to fold to tear-drop position, the arms free open towards the hands of the base
  • roll in to counter L-sit in hands
  • counter secretary-seat
  • counter standing in hands
  • the flyer sits on the instep of the base's feet, rolls behind, base bends legs, as the flyer lies backwards on the the ground, the base stands up, not letting go of the feet. The flyer could grab the back of the legs inside the move.
  • the flyer is turned 180°
  • cannonball-like swing between the legs to standing.

a few transitions are difficult, notable standing on one hand, so you can just go to standing in two hands for the time being...

See video
Workshop van Det en Flip, Bemmel, Juni 2011